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    Option for Additional Intra Oral Scan From £50 for Single Jaw and £100 fro Dual Jaw

    Tick this box if you would like us to carry out an additional Intra Oral scan (digital impression) you may want this if you are looking to create a 3D printed drilling guide.

    Scatter Reduction

    Tick this box if there is a chance of metal or zirconia within the area of the scan. We can set up the scanner to reduce these artefacts.

    Radiology Report

    To comply with IRMER 2000 regulations radiographs and CT scans should be reviewed by the referring practitioner or by a radiologist. This can rule out the possibility of coincidental pathology. We recommend this service and are happy to offer a report by Dr Vinay Belur our Specialist Orthodontist & Oral Surgeon. A charge of £99 will be made for this service in addition to the scan.

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    You must enter the exact region that the dentist has referred the patient for. Do not make a booking unless that has been confirmed.

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