Is invisalign Teen worth it

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Is Invisalign Teen Worth It?

At Belur Orthodontics we speak with teenagers on a daily basis and see for ourselves how life can become a bit of whirlwind in the teen years. School, sports, parties, dating, selfies, friends, exams, social media and nosey parents all add up to a pretty hectic time. It’s also the best time to straighten teeth but the thought of wearing braces for some can seem like just another stress!

Part of our job as orthodontic specialists is to listen to all our patients and find out what they’d really like from orthodontic treatment. We put a lot effort into understanding the needs of our patients and then work hard to design personal, specialised treatment plans that not only fit the patient’s unique orthodontic needs but also their personality and lifeAstyles. It’s why we’re so delighted to be able to offer Invisalign Teen as an ideal orthodontic solution for many of our patients.

What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is adapted from Invisalign, a revolutionary alternative to traditional metal wire and bracket braces. A series of clear, virtually invisible, plastic, removable aligners are custom designed to fit over teeth and straighten them over a few months. Invisalign is incredibly popular with people who’d be a bit self-conscious of wearing fixed metal braces. Teenagers in particular find Invisalign also suits their lifestyle. Want to send a quick selfie? No problem, pop out your clear braces, click and send. Fancy a slice of pizza? Just slip off your braces and enjoy the food you love. And, you can follow your usual oral hygiene regime so it really is one less thing you have to worry about in your busy life. Truly an orthodontic solution that doesn’t knock your confidence.

Parents Love Invisalign Teen

What makes Invisalign unique is that every aligner made has a special Blue Dot Compliance Indicator, an innovative mechanism that tells us at Belur Orthodontics, our patients and our patient’s parents if the aligners are being worn correctly and for long enough which means we get better treatment outcomes. Invisalign Teen is easily replaced in the case of loss or breakages and they make keeping your teeth clean really easy. It’s this ease that appeals so much to patients. All in all, we think Invisalign Teen ticks all the boxes for teens and their parents.

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