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Aylesbury’s new centre for NHS and Private orthodontic care

Dentists impressed by new centre for orthodontic care for NHS and Private patients, situated in heart of Aylesbury.

Belur Orthodontics is delighted to announce the launch of our new flagship practice for both Adults and Children, NHS (up to 18 yrs) and Private. Strategically located in Aylesbury, the state-of-the-art facility will provide patients in the area with new levels of customer care. The practice will be fully operational as of December 2019 and will be accepting patients by online web referrals, postal and electronic referral management system RMS (future).

We offer Invisalign, Damon Clear, Lingual braces, Clear braces, Conventional braces ….. for Children and Adults of all age groups. We ( at Belur orthodontic care) pecialise in Non extraction treatments, Growth Modifications and Early Interceptive treatments in Children, Inter disciplinary treatment for adults covering range of disciplines Orthodontics-Implants, Smile Make Overs, Orthodontics-Restorative, Orthodontics-Oral Surgery, Orthodontics – Orthognathic Surgery, Orthodontics-Periodontics…..

A message from our orthodontist

“Our aim has always been to provide the very best orthodontic treatment to patients referred into our care. It is with a great sense of pride and purpose that we expand our services to those in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. This new orthodontic care studio will be built from the ground up with patients at its very heart. As an institution, it will be the embodiment of the values on which Belur Orthodontics was founded and stand testament to the collective passions of all those involved in making our journey thus far a huge success.
We would be delighted to represent your patients and serve as an extension of your dentistry offering. Together we can work to improve the health and happiness of our local communities, one smile at a time.”
– Vinay Belur

About the new practice

Our primary focus when establishing a new studio was to put the patient experience at the heart of all we do. From the convenience afforded by nearby parking, ensuring accessibility at even the busiest of times, to the capabilities provided by our range-topping, on-site facilities; no expense has been spared in providing the very best for those who we welcome through our doors.

The site was selected for its accessibility, convenience and prominence. It is centrally-located, offers nearby free 2-hr parking facilities, and is within close proximity to several Grammar and Secondary schools, minimising the impact of term-time appointments. Further flexibility will be afforded by our friendly opening hours which will include late evenings and Saturdays.

Using our thriving Marlow studio as a model for success, we have built a team of highly trained and personable professionals to run the new studio. With almost 70 years of experience between them, the practice will be led by orthodontic specialists Vinay Belur  and orthodontic therapist Farah Adam. We are also happy to announce the experienced Georgiana Munteanu as our practice manager. This core contingent will be supported by a hand-picked team of trained nurses.

As a completely new enterprise there will be no lengthy waiting lists for patients. Furthermore, we will not be transferring patients from previous providers. This creates an excellent opportunity for dentists to refer patients for immediate treatment. We will be welcoming both adult and child patients for NHS (up to 18 yrs) and Private referrals, priority will be given to children aged 11yrs and above.

A key part of patient assessment will be the use of iTero scanners as part of treatment in the future, allowing our experts to provide a high-resolution, interactive digital map of the patients bite within minutes. This will allow for greater precision, comfort and speed, and reflects our continued investment in achieving clinical excellence.

Meet Vinay Belur, your local orthodontist! Vinay’s extensive background in orthodontics has afforded him a wealth of experience with which to help his patients. Read more…

Referral & form

To show support for UN Sustainability Goals, we have created an online referral form as part of the Go Green Go Online campaign. The additional benefit being that this digital referral system is intuitive, interactive and time-efficient for all involved. Referring dentists are also able to upload digital files like X-Rays, Medical health, Interdisciplinary treatments
and photographs.

We have also introduced an intuitive and interactive tick-box manual and e-form with referencing to IOTN scoring in the form of referral pad and USB pen. This is set to become mandatory as part of the Referral Management System coming next year. We will be accepting Private & NHS consultations for children, with Adult Private consultations and Free Assessments.

For convenience, dentists are also able to discuss referrals in person through our dedicated hotline on 01296 796 542.

Let’s stay connected

You are invited to join our growing social media communities across FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, and to connect with Vinay Belur on LinkedIn. We are also open to collaboration on all digital platforms and would be happy to consider any combined campaigns. To dentists looking to work together, many thanks in advance for helping with the growth of our Orthodontic Services in the area and we look forward to receiving your support and referrals.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us 01296 796 546.

Orthodontist vs Dentists


Orthodontist vs Dentist

As a team of orthodontic professionals, we know the difference an orthodontist can make to your smile. But many of our patients are confused as to whether they should come to us for treatment or ask their dentist.

This table helps to explain the differences between orthodontists and dentists. What is important to remember is that both of them play an important role in your oral care.

Orthodontist Dentist
Qualifications & Memberships
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (5 years)
Master of Orthodontics (MOrth) (3 years)
General Dental Council Registered Specialist in Orthodontics
Membership of professional orthodontic bodies, eg. British Society of Orthodontists
Treatments & Services
General 6-month check up
Fillings & extractions
Cleaning & polishing
Advises on overall oral health of teeth and gums
Fitting of orthodontic appliances, such as braces & Invisalign aligners Some general dentists may fit braces and Invisalign but they are not specialists in orthodontics
Experience & training
Is specifically trained in the movement of teeth and bite issues
Recommends and treats patients after assessing overall facial profile
Uses the latest in orthodontic technology for the benefit of patients
Attends regular training on developments in the orthodontic industry
Is a member of The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) Network Not all orthodontists are members of TIO but those that are demonstrate further commitment to promoting invisible orthodontic treatment.

Source: The Invisible Orthodontist

My dentist has offered me Invisalign but is this right for me?

My dentist has offered me Invisalign but is this right for me?

My Dentist Has Offered Me Invisalign But Is This Right For Me?

It’s very possible you’re reading this because one of your new year resolutions was to straighten your teeth for the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. And what a fine resolution that is! You may also be interested to find out about the latest developments in Invisalign clear aligners for 2021. At Belur Orthodontics in Aylesbury/Marlow we often get asked “am I suitable for Invisalign?” often because your regular dentist also offers this teeth straightening solution. Before deciding on using the Invisalign system patients should consider the following.

Should I Use An Orthodontist Or Dentist For Invisalign?

An orthodontist’s sole purpose, top priority and raison d’etre is to help patients achieve straight teeth and a perfectly aligned smile. That’s what we’ve trained for and that’s all we do, every working day. This not only means you’re in the best possible place when it comes to straightening teeth, it also means we’re able to offer alternative ways to achieve a beautiful smile if you’re not a suitable candidate for Invisalign. We also hear of cases where dentists tell patients they’re unsuitable for Invisalign simply because they don’t have the right Invisalign option to offer. We offer an array of different types of Invisalign treatments and other orthodontic treatment options so there’s always a solution for all our patients. The worst outcome for patients is if they end up wasting time and money on the wrong type of braces which don’t provide the desired end results. The good news is clear aligners like Invisalign are not only discreet but provide successful outcomes for patients who, your Belur Orthodontics, Orthodontist, recognises as a suitable candidate. Our consultation process added to the fact we’re a recognised Invisalign Gold Provider, means you’ll receive expert guidance on what’s best for you and we’ll explain all options clearly and thoroughly so you get to make an informed decision on your orthodontic treatment. Click here for more information on why you should choose an orthodontic practice to have braces.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Invisalign?

The good news is that Invisalign aligners can treat most orthodontic problems.

  • These include minor to moderate cases of:
    Protruding teeth
  • Crooked teeth Gaps
  • Overbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

Invisalign primarily corrects the position and placement of teeth, not the structure and positioning of the jaw. Due to this, severe cases of misalignment typically require traditional clear braces. To be 100% sure what’s right for you we recommend meeting with your Invisalign orthodontist in person at Belur Orthodontics in Aylesbury/Marlow or arrange for a free remote orthodontic consultation.

Not Just The Cost Of Invisalign To Consider As a treatment

Invisalign appeals to many dentists as they see it as taking an impression, sending it to a lab and then receiving the trays/aligners to do the job for them. Sounds simple but in reality, getting a successful outcome and teeth as straight as possible, is more complex.

To start with, we won’t take an impression of your teeth at Belur Orthodontics in Aylesbury or Marlow, we’ll actually use a state-of-the-art 3D scanner to digitally scan your teeth which is far more detailed and accurate than an impression and a lot quicker to send to the Invisalign lab. This means your Invisalign aligners will work as efficiently as possible in moving your teeth to their desired position.

Again, at the planning/consultation stage we won’t just assess the current state of your smile but will also discuss other issues that may mean Invisalign treatment is not the best option and provide alternatives. Invisalign enables patients to remove their aligners while eating or speaking. While this is one of the greatest advantages, it can also be a pitfall.

More freedom comes with more responsibility. Patient compliance, therefore, is crucial for a successful outcome. That means patients must wear their aligners for at least 20 hours a day. Not wearing the aligners enough can lengthen treatment time.

Patients who are too young to take responsibility for their aligners may be recommended traditional braces to avoid having to replace their aligners too often.

It’s important to ensure that Invisalign is the best option for you before treatment begins and also to know there are no wrong choices between clear aligners and traditional braces for those who qualify.

Don’t Be Forced Into Invisalign If You’re Not Comfortable.

If the words “traditional braces” make you think of giant silver brackets and wires, think again! Traditional braces are much more subtle than they used to be and just as effective. Ask us about braces with clear ceramic brackets and customizable arch wire. Clear braces are particularly popular for adult patients for the same reasons that clear aligners are. They’re both discreet and effective treatments. If you’d like to discuss the pros and cons of Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatments then contact us today. 01296 796546 or


Belur Orthodontics

Why Choose Us? Orthodontic Treatment


At Belur Orthodontics, we want to ensure you are comfortable with the choice you have made to come to us for your orthodontic treatment. Here are some reasons why others have come before you.

1. World Class Specialist Centre: We have built a Bespoke practice to cater to both NHS and Private patients. Our practice is an Icon for most modern practice in terms of ambience, technology, environmentally friendly, digital workflow, well trained staff etc.

2. Range of treatment – at Belur Orthodontics we offer a number of different orthodontic treatments, from Invisalign to the very clever self-ligating Damon braces  and not to mention, the conventional Clear Braces.What’s more, we’re trained to get great results from each method.

2. Specialist orthodontist – our team of orthodontic professionals, led by Dr Vinay Belur, are all highly trained and experienced in orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign and Damon appliance.

3. Affordable treatment – our orthodontic treatment fees are priced competitively and to ensure treatment is affordable, we have a range of payment plans and finance options available.

4. Bespoke treatment plan – we provide each of our patients with a free, no-obligation bespoke treatment plan so you can make an informed decision as to whether orthodontic treatment is right for you.

5. Latest technology  – we use the latest orthodontic technology, including the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner and Carriere Motion appliance to get each of our patients the very best result.

6. Convenient location – our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury with excellent carparking facility arround the practice, including two hours of free car parking. We also have a sister practice in Marlow.

7. Great results – at Belur  Orthodontics, we get great results. You can view some of these on our before and afters page.

8. No NHS Waiting List – at Belur Orthodontics, we do not have a waiting list as the NHS is providing additional funding in the area, due to long waiting list. We have secured this funding for the next ten years.

Digital Dentistry and Smile Visual Consultation for Adults

Digital Dentistry and Smile Visual Consultation for Adults

Digital Dentistry

Your smile is often the first thing others will notice about you, so it is important that you are

totally happy and confident with how it looks. At Belur Orthodontics, we offer a unique full

face assessment when helping you to design your new smile, as a beautiful smile is made up

of so much more than just teeth. The exclusive Belur Orthodontics collaboration between a

world expert in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics is truly groundbreaking, and ensures

that you will receive the very best results possible using multiple techniques and treatments.

Dr Belur, delivers advanced levels of patient care, including in-depth smile transformation

plans with digital renderings of results before any treatment is undertaken, upholding our

values of honesty and transparency from the very start.


At Belur Orthodontics, we offer a simple way to evaluate how your new smile will look

before undergoing any orthodontic treatments. Using advanced technological software,

award winning orthodontist Dr Belur and his team can create a digital visualisation of your

smile transformation plan, using your own unique facial structure as a structural guide. This

is incredibly useful for patients unsure about committing to orthodontic work that require

long-term commitment.

Over the last few years, technology has been growing at an unprecedented rate. However,

this doesn’t just apply to smart phones and virtual assistants! In his illustrious 25-year career,

Dr Belur, founder of Belur Orthodontics, has seen dentistry change dramatically, including the

development of new, innovative treatments, procedures, and techniques, all born from

exciting technological advancement in the field.

Many possess the erroneous view that dentistry hasn’t kept up with the remarkable

advancements we’ve seen in medicine over the last few decades. It is certainly true that many

dentists are slow to adopt newer developments in their practice in favour of the same tried

and tested treatments. However, this isn’t to say that newer dental technologies aren’t

available, and are just as effective as older methods, if not more so.

Dr Belur, has never shields away from implementing the latest, most advanced treatments in

clinic, from serving as one of the first UK pioneers of the now renowned Invisalign® brace

technology to ensuring every treatment we offer here at Belur Orthodontics, provide the very

best results possible for our patients.

While other dental clinics are reluctant to implement digital dentistry, Belur Orthodontics

embraces technological growth. We always seek to offer cutting-edge treatments that offer

the highest levels of safety, efficacy, and reliability. We incorporate digital dentistry into

much of what we do. This includes using advanced software to create digital smile plans,

allowing us to create an image of how patients will look post-treatment before agreeing to

any procedures and scanners for a more in-depth view of the mouth, leading to more

effective, accurate treatments.