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Digital Dentistry and Smile Visual Consultation for Adults

Digital Dentistry and Smile Visual Consultation for Adults

Digital Dentistry

Your smile is often the first thing others will notice about you, so it is important that you are

totally happy and confident with how it looks. At Belur Orthodontics, we offer a unique full

face assessment when helping you to design your new smile, as a beautiful smile is made up

of so much more than just teeth. The exclusive Belur Orthodontics collaboration between a

world expert in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics is truly groundbreaking, and ensures

that you will receive the very best results possible using multiple techniques and treatments.

Dr Belur, delivers advanced levels of patient care, including in-depth smile transformation

plans with digital renderings of results before any treatment is undertaken, upholding our

values of honesty and transparency from the very start.


At Belur Orthodontics, we offer a simple way to evaluate how your new smile will look

before undergoing any orthodontic treatments. Using advanced technological software,

award winning orthodontist Dr Belur and his team can create a digital visualisation of your

smile transformation plan, using your own unique facial structure as a structural guide. This

is incredibly useful for patients unsure about committing to orthodontic work that require

long-term commitment.

Over the last few years, technology has been growing at an unprecedented rate. However,

this doesn’t just apply to smart phones and virtual assistants! In his illustrious 25-year career,

Dr Belur, founder of Belur Orthodontics, has seen dentistry change dramatically, including the

development of new, innovative treatments, procedures, and techniques, all born from

exciting technological advancement in the field.

Many possess the erroneous view that dentistry hasn’t kept up with the remarkable

advancements we’ve seen in medicine over the last few decades. It is certainly true that many

dentists are slow to adopt newer developments in their practice in favour of the same tried

and tested treatments. However, this isn’t to say that newer dental technologies aren’t

available, and are just as effective as older methods, if not more so.

Dr Belur, has never shields away from implementing the latest, most advanced treatments in

clinic, from serving as one of the first UK pioneers of the now renowned Invisalign® brace

technology to ensuring every treatment we offer here at Belur Orthodontics, provide the very

best results possible for our patients.

While other dental clinics are reluctant to implement digital dentistry, Belur Orthodontics

embraces technological growth. We always seek to offer cutting-edge treatments that offer

the highest levels of safety, efficacy, and reliability. We incorporate digital dentistry into

much of what we do. This includes using advanced software to create digital smile plans,

allowing us to create an image of how patients will look post-treatment before agreeing to

any procedures and scanners for a more in-depth view of the mouth, leading to more

effective, accurate treatments.