Virtual Consultation for Braces or Remote Consultation

Virtual consultations have often been considered in terms of convenience or patient and staff preferences, but now they are a necessity. How does that change the approach to putting them in place?

Twenty years ago, around the time I got my first research grant to look at innovation, I read a book by Everett Rogers, called Diffusion of Innovations. Rogers was a social psychologist, who studied the uptake of new farming practices in America after World War Two. He came up with the concept of ‘relative advantage’. Overwhelmingly, the thing that determines whether and how quickly people take up an innovation is whether it’s better than what they were doing before.

Until a few weeks ago, unless you lived somewhere really remote, it was easy to pop to the Dentist, hospital or the GP. With COVID-19, if you’re a patient and you go to a dentist, orthodontist, GP surgery or you’re a doctor and you see patients face-to-face, there’s a high risk of infection. Suddenly the relative advantage of virtual consultations has changed dramatically.

I cannot think of any comparative situation in the history of the Orthodontics or any healthcare industry. This is such a complex innovation, changing the way we relate to patients and the workflows of the Orthodontics. This is not just about video and telephone consultations, but also what’s known as the total triage system, where a patient can’t just phone up and book to see a doctor, they can’t walk in to the surgery to ask for a prescription. This is a radical and complex innovation, but the relative advantage is huge.

Do you think this moment will leave a lasting legacy in terms of shifting the culture of Orthodontics/healthcare in the UK more towards ‘virtual’ and away from ‘face-to-face’?

I think it will. The other key things Everett Rogers wrote about were trialability and observability. People are trying out virtual consultations, they are seeing that it works and it’s easier than they thought it was going to be.

I’m hearing from few orthodontists a day, telling me they never thought they’d do video consultations, but they’ve tried it, they can do it and their confidence is growing. That is not to say video consultation is easy. Connecting with people by video isn’t that hard, but the logistics and the workflows around video consultations can be difficult.

Virtual Consultation in Dentistry and Orthodontics

  1. Virtual consultation with dentist: Using the virtual consultation technology, a true partnership can be established between the dentist and the orthodontist: Remotely assessing the patient’s oral health situation, the dentist is able to do a triage to establish what are the cases that require a specialist intervention (usually 20% of the cases as the 80/20 rule seems to apply) and refer accordingly hence ensuring a highest quality of care. A true win win situation.
  1. Virtual Consultation for Orthodontics: If you are thinking of orthodontics or dentist has suggested to be seen for orthodontist. We are Committed to providing high quality, safe & hygienic orthodonticcare to our patients. Keeping the above in mind, We understand that your time is valuable, and making it into our practice for a consult might be difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment before even walking through our door? Our Virtual Consultation makes that possible.



We hope that you and your families are all safe and well. Although we are unable to physically see you at the moment, you can still begin your journey to a beautiful smile! We use the latest technology to have a secure FREE virtual consultation with you via video link, onany computer or mobile device, wherever you feel comfortable.

First, go to our by clicking  Virtual Consultation:

Next, simply fill out your basic contact details so that we know who you are and how to contact you. Lastly, we only need five photos of your smile. To elaborate, these photos have to be from various angles within your mouth. This allows our orthodontists to properly assess your smile in conjunction with your current facial structure goals. Finally, after viewing your materials, our Orthodontists will provide you with a comprehensive list of possible treatment options that fit your case. Furthermore, we’ll be available for any questions you may have regarding treatment. Additionally, we can discuss budgeting concerns like insurance coverages and potential financing plans. Ultimately, we want to get you to the smile of your dreams as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible



Our simple online form just needs a few basic personal details and your

treatment goal to get you underway…



Upload some basic photos of your smile by following our simple

guide and useful video, it’s that easy.



to book your FREE virtual consultation at a date and time that is

convenient for you.


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