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About Belur Orthodontics

At Belur Orthodontics, we are committed to giving you something to smile about. To do this we rely on our expert orthodontic knowledge, our dedicated team and our genuine desire to make people happy.

With something as important as your smile, you want to be sure you are getting the very best treatment possible. Our philosophy has always been about more than just straightening teeth. We believe in providing patients with a holistic orthodontic treatment plan. This means we consider the aesthetics of your whole face – the profile, the bone tissue, the muscular structure.

We call this unique level of care ‘Face-driven Orthodontics’.

A wealth of orthodontic and surgical experience, respect and recognition from professional dentists, and many happy patients!

Motivated to make our community a happier, healthier place using our can-do attitude and a passion for putting smiles on people’s faces.

Truly understanding the importance of complete patient care and working with you to create a holistic orthodontic treatment plan just for you.

Our professional orthodontic practices are equipped with all the latest equipment and patient facilities. This is where you will visit us throughout your treatment. You can find us in Aylesbury and Marlow.

Vinay V Belur
Specialist in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

“I graduated in Dentistry in 1993, achieving a distinction in Orthodontics, Oral Surgery and Paedodontics. I then embarked on a three-year full-time specialist-training programme in Orthodontics and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics in 1997.
“It was then that I spent several years studying Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Royal London Hospital in London, and at Charles Clifford Hospital in Sheffield, where I gained experience in all forms of Orthodontic and Oral Surgery care. At the end of my specialist training, I was awarded a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons.”

On completion of his specialist training, Vinay started to work in Orthodontic practices in Buckinghamshire and in 2000 joined Total Orthodontics. From 2002 he has seen the Total Orthodontics Marlow practice evolve from one afternoon session within a dental practice to a full-time specialist orthodontic practice in Marlow. In his 18 years of providing orthodontic service, Vinay has treated numerous adults and children with varying degrees of malocclusion and severity.

Vinay is registered on the Specialist List for Orthodontics and Oral Surgery with the General Dental Council. He is also a member of the British Orthodontic Society, American Association of Orthodontics and the British Lingual Orthodontic Society. In addition, he is actively involved in teaching, continuing education, and clinical research. Vinay views research as paramount to improving the quality of orthodontics being provided as a whole.

If you’d like to contact Vinay or another team member, you can do so here!