When you hear the word orthodontics, you may think of a child wearing braces. Adult orthodontic treatment, however, is increasingly commonplace. With more solutions available, including low-profile aligners and time-efficient treatments, there’s a growing trend for Adult Orthodontic Treatment – especially among young professionals.

No matter what your age, if a healthy and beautiful smile is important to you, our specialists at Belur Orthodontics can help.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

Today’s technology makes orthodontic treatment easier to integrate into an adult’s professional life. Whether you want the shortest treatment time or the least the obvious treatment look, the orthodontic specialists at Belur Orthodontics have you covered with options like:

These clear plastic aligners have revolutionised orthodontic treatment, allowing you to transform your smile discreetly and comfortably. It uses a series of virtually-invisible, custom-made aligners to gradually straighten your teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets. The aligners are barely noticeable and removable, perfect for image-aware professionals. To discover more about Invisalign™ then take a look at our treatment page.
Clear Conventional ceramic braces
Less obvious than traditional metal braces, clear braces get the job done quickly while drawing less attention to your teeth. Conventional braces are fixed and therefore a lot more difficult to misplace than aligners!
Damon Systems clear braces
Damon braces are comfortable and noticeably shorten treatment times, leaving you free to get on with your life as normal. In addition, Damon System braces reduce the likelihood that extractions will be needed, meaning we can undertake treatment without having to take out teeth. The Damon brace also focuses on given the better support to midface and therefore create a broader smile. Find out more about Damon Systems braces
Lingual braces
The crème de la crème of invisible braces: lingual braces are worn behind your teeth. Orthodontics has come a long way in the past few years and we are now straightening teeth faster and more discreetly than ever before. And with more and more adults seeking orthodontic treatment in order to perfect their smiles, the demand for increasingly aesthetic braces has soared.

Benefits of adult orthodontic treatment

Having a confident, beautiful smile can be a real professional asset. Orthodontics often leads to enhanced self-esteem for adults and is an important part of overall oral health. Adult orthodontic treatment can help patients with crooked teeth, avoid gum and bone loss, cavities and tooth loss, abnormal dental wear, and even help correct jaw pain (TMJ/TMD).