Belur Orthodontics: Update on COVID-19 , LOCK DOWN 2.0


We hope that you and your families are happy and healthy.An announcement we’ve been waiting for…the government and Chief Dental Officer announced that Orthodontic practices in England can start seeing patients again from the 8th June 2020.
So, on a phased return, we can begin treating and caring for you, our lovely patients again! We hope to start our return on the 9th June 2020 under the new “normal”.
In the interim, please bear with us as we prioritise those patients who have been needing urgent care over the last 2 months and have been experiencing acute dental pain. None of us want to prolong this for any longer than is necessary to do so.
We will be contacting our list of urgent patients as soon as possible and will also continue to triage any patients in need of our immediate service and schedule an appointment for you.
To safeguard your safety at all times, we have always and will continue to follow the highest standards of care and cross infection – this will now include the wearing of the correct protective equipment as well as the rewriting of our safety standards.
We cannot wait to welcome you back into the practice – we really have missed you all! In the meantime, thank you again for your patience and understanding.
Stay safe and healthy! Meanwhile, kindly fill in the form, prior to your appointment to minimise the risk of Covid spread.
Best wishes

Vinay Belur

Principal, Belur Orthodontics, Aylesbury

Principal, Belur Orthodontics, Aylesbury


    Have you recently (14-21 days) experienced the following symptoms: Pre Appointment
    Fever/High temperature? YesNo
    Shortness of breath or Difficulty breathing? YesNo
    Cough? YesNo
    Flu symptoms i.e headache, runny nose, fatigue? YesNo
    Recent loss of taste or smell? YesNo
    Do you have Heart disease, Lung disease, Kidney disease, Diabetes or Auto-immune disorders? YesNo

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