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Dentist Testimonials

On this page, we will share a collection of kind words from some of our professional partners. Firstly, we would like to extend our thanks to every dentist and orthodontic professional who has chosen to partner with our Belur Orthodontics practices over the years.
We are extremely proud and privileged to have worked alongside you in helping your patients achieve the smiles they have always dreamed about.

I have worked with Vinay for more years than I care to remember. He is my ‘go to’ orthodontist for patients young and old, private and NHS. I’ve never received anything other than positive feedback from my patients who I’ve sent to him. This is so important to me as the quality of my recommendation reflects on me and he has never disappointed me. He has taken on cases which I thought to be lost causes and has produced brilliant results. I can give him no greater compliment other than say that he was the orthodontist whom I trusted to treat my two daughters.

Tony Cummings Principal, Beechcroft dental practice

I have worked with Dr Belur for over 10 years and know him to be passionate and clinically gifted in his art of orthodontics. The technical results and discussions regarding all aspects of the clinical case remain to be second to none and I have great confidence in the important 2 way communication that needs to take place in such referral cases. Patients have been equally satisfied with his results and service and so represents a sound clinical collaboration.

Andrew Chandrapal Principal, Bourneend Dental Practice

I have been referring both my adult and child patients to Dr Belur for many years and have received countless positive compliments! Many patients comment on Vinay’s patience, gentleness and kindness. His attention to detail is fantastic and treatment results outstanding. Vinay’s concern for the welfare of his patient is paramount and , as the referring dentist, I find Vinay’s willingness to discuss cases and ease of communication extremely helpful.’’

Sarah McGillvray Principal, Wycombe Dental Practice

I have been referring my patients to Vinay for the past 15 years for orthodontic and multi disciplinary restorative cases. I have always found his case results to be of a consistently very high standard and have had excellent feedback from both children and adults alike.

Stephen Rees Principal, Bourneend Dental Practice

I have been referring patients to Vinay for several years, including a significant proportion of adult patients and interdisciplinary cases. Communication is always excellent which is so important when planning and implementing the restorative treatment. Most importantly feedback from patients is consistently high. It is clear that Vinay has a passion for orthodontics, an eye for detail and cares for his patients and their treatment outcomes.

Andrew Powell Dentist, Bourneend Dental Practice